Why early bird rides are so rewarding

On weekdays we usually spend 8+ hours in the office before we can think of going for a ride – or maybe not? What about training before work? For some people unthinkable but I have never had trouble getting up early.  During the last couple of weeks I have managed to get in early bird trainings of about 3hours in the morning before work at least once a week. How did I manage?

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Vienna climbs – Exelberg

Austria is a country full of mountains – most of them however are located in the west. Spots for climbing are therefore rather rare in or near Vienna but of course there are some uphill sections.

One of my favorites is Exelberg, located in Wienerwald on the western edge of Vienna. To get there from the city center take Alser Straße, Alszeile and then Neuwaldegger Straße until you reach a roundabout. Turn left here and right on the next roundabout, the sign says „Tulln“. You may have noticed it has already been slightly uphill until here. Now the scenery changes and nature takes over. A couple of hundred meters into there  is a zebra crossing where the official strava segment starts. On the right hand to the street there is a huge park and a public grilling site.

The climb averages 6% on 3,5km and is rather steady. What I like about the climb are the five hairpins that give you a feeling of „real“ mountains. And of course I alway enjoy the breathtaking view over the city – even after having climbed Exelberg more than a hundred times (I live nearby).

On the top you can see the radio tower and then have the choice to turn either left to Sophienalpe and back into the city or keep straight in direction of Tulln or Klosterneuburg with a couple of other nice climbs neary.


Traunsee Halbmarathon, 23/06/2018

Two weeks after my surprising win at IfU Managementmeile it was time for yet another run – the very first Traunsee Halbmarathon from Ebensee to Gmunden. The route takes you on a 5km lap around Ebensee and then along the lake directly to Gmunden. No major hills, no sharp corners – the perfect event to go for a personal best. Traunsee Halbmarathon, 23/06/2018 weiterlesen

VCM 2018 – my first marathon experience

In December 2015 I was sitting in a pub in Vienna with a couple of friends and after a few beers we started discussing marathon and possible times. It all ended with a registration for Vienna City Marathon 2016 the next day. I had run a half marathon in 1:27 that year in spring and during the cold months I had increased my running miles by quite a bit. I downloaded one of those hardcore training plans from the internet and went all in– but not for long:  VCM 2018 – my first marathon experience weiterlesen