Why early bird rides are so rewarding

On weekdays we usually spend 8+ hours in the office before we can think of going for a ride – or maybe not? What about training before work? For some people unthinkable but I have never had trouble getting up early.  During the last couple of weeks I have managed to get in early bird trainings of about 3hours in the morning before work at least once a week. How did I manage?

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Traunsee Halbmarathon, 23/06/2018

Two weeks after my surprising win at IfU Managementmeile it was time for yet another run – the very first Traunsee Halbmarathon from Ebensee to Gmunden. The route takes you on a 5km lap around Ebensee and then along the lake directly to Gmunden. No major hills, no sharp corners – the perfect event to go for a personal best. Traunsee Halbmarathon, 23/06/2018 weiterlesen